Eoghan Coffey

Before I started, I was following the generic chicken and rice diet, the same workout routines day in day out and seeing no changes. Now, with my own personalised macros, so many recipes to choose from and my own workouts that Jonathan updates regularly, I am finally making proper progress. Jonathan also responds to emails fast with informative and supportive replies. I highly recommend this program! (16 weeks)

Kevin Farrell

I started my weight loss journey a couple of years ago but then, a few months ago I hit a plateau on the scales and in the gym. I messaged Jonathan about my goals to lose weight and build muscle and I'm absolutely delighted that I did. He designed an effective and easy to follow plan that allowed me to lose weight but progress on my lifts in the gym at the same time. The plan comes with access to a fantastic app that I find great for tracking workouts. Jonathan is always on hand to offer advice and support throughout the Transformation Program, especially during lockdown. I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking to lose weight or build muscle.(12 weeks)

Michael Pampliega Grace

When I found Jonathan, I had been working out for a few months with barely any results. So, starting the program was a total game changer. He has guided me through a fat loss phase which didn’t feel difficult because he encouraged me to include things I enjoyed in my diet - you can only progress if what you’re doing is sustainable! Then, things started to fall into place & 4 months later, I’ve managed to lose 10 kg while building some muscle. So, trust the process, he knows what he is doing! (16 weeks)

Dustin Campbell

If you’re looking for results, accountability and to have all the thinking done for you then you are looking in the right place. I started this journey at 208lbs and lost 20lbs on my own but was doing a crash diet that wasn’t sustainable. I didn't have a well laid out plan for the gym itself so I found myself wandering here and there trying to fill in exercises. To reach my goal, I needed that extra push and guidance to get the job done and when I connected with Jonathan, that's exactly what I got. Now it’s as easy as following the training and nutrition plan Jonathan has put in place and with this plan, the accountability, the community and the weekly check-ups, I’m down to 169lbs. I’ve lost fat, put on muscle and dropped a few sizes in the waist where I’ve had to buy new clothes. If you want results, then contact Jonathan. You’re going to have to be dedicated in terms of training but once you follow what he tells you to do, you will see results. This has been worth it, I can tell you that. (4 months)

Shikha Puri

I’ve always been into fitness and health and managed to lose weight on my own a few times but never managed to keep it off as I always took drastic measures with low calorie and high cardio workouts. I lost my period and knew I was not doing this right way. With frustration after regaining weight for the second I decided to approach Jonathan as I had been following him for a while on Instagram and YouTube and he made it look so easy to stay lean year round. This is the best thing I’ve ever done. My nutrition has improved so much now that I have the right calorie and macronutrient balance in place and I'm eating the right foods and I have kept my cycle all through this fat loss phase as a result. The workouts he designs me have taught me to stay consistent with exercises and the importance of tracking reps/weights for progressive overload, muscle and strength gain. I’ve come a long way from not being able to do pull ups to now doing weighted pull ups! I also realise that once you're following the right plan in terms of training, nutrition and steps, you don't have to do nearly as much cardio as I was doing in the past. I feel so much healthier in myself with this approach.(12 weeks)

Alan Doolan

Before joining, I was more annoyed at myself than unhappy. Annoyed at the fact I was putting in a lot of effort but not seeing any changes. For years I viewed going to the gym as a chore, something I had to do to stay relatively fit and didn't particularly enjoy it. I didn't enjoy it because I knew I was going in and not really knowing what I was supposed to be doing. I would read everything I could online, follow as many fitness pages as possible and copy what they were at thinking it would help me. The more I read and the more people I followed, the more confused I got. Everyone has a different view on things and I had no clue what suited me best. Then, I reached out to Jonathan after following his social media pages for number of weeks. He explained things with simplicity! Broke it all down and put me on a plan that suited me best. His online page is ideal for tracking your goals and workouts and his private Facebook group works wonders when you can see a number of other people looking to achieve similar goals. His check ins are a great opportunity to sit down for a few minutes and reflect on the hard work you've put in up to that point. Today, I go to gym as I genuinely enjoy it. I go in knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. I initially signed up for 12 weeks and I'm still a member to this day and have no intentions on stopping any time soon. It's been a lifestyle change for the better and I've done it all without having to restrict any of my favourite foods or miss any nights out. Couldn't recommend him enough!(16 weeks)


At the start of this program, I had a goal weight in mind and never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible! Now, I’m 4kg down and feel & see a difference in myself, my confidence, my body and my clothes.(8 weeks)

Sandra Kemmy

Before and afters are more than just physical. I had lost weight before starting Jonathan's program going from a size 18/20 to 8/10. But what this before photo doesn't show is the messed up mind I got with it - body dysmorphia , counselling , the bad relationship I developed with myself trying to reach a certain number on a scales, letting it determine my mood, the punishment training sessions, always chasing the sweat or burn to earn my food, the fake smile as I pretended to be relaxed at the simple occasions like lunch with friends, days out with the family, missing out on many things especially with my kids because I was afraid to go off plan... I can't express how much things have changed since working with Jonathan. My mindset has changed so much as well as how I live daily. I enjoy all the little things that mean so much to me like eating treats without guilt, not restricting myself from foods which has helped massively with my binge eating, not stressing myself out over eating "bad" foods and punishing myself with eating less and doing lots of cardio if I miss a training session. I am so happy I'm not in that place anymore. As for my strength and training, this has improved so much too with his workout plans that he tailors to me personally, changing things to keep me progressing, especially throughout lockdown with gyms closed! All so easy to access on his app along with everything else you need including lots of delicious recipes to keep me on track. Thanks Jonathan!(LONG TERM)

Robert Quinn

I’ve done different programs over the last 3 years and I left with little to no knowledge on how to train properly and I also was so used to getting a generic nutrition plan. This program changed that and I've lost over 7kg!(8 weeks)

Christian Cresham

At the beginning of 2021, I was awful unhappy with how I looked. I gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of confidence that I once had and struggled to motivate myself to try to make a change. But I then decided to reach out to Jonathan just stumbling upon his videos and immediately, I was glad I did! My experience so far with Jonathan's program has changed everything in my life. He has given me a plan, helped me set goals for myself and I've been making continuous progress. The nutrition plan has helped me to maintain consistency and I don’t even think it’s difficult to keep to when there’s a structure to follow. Then, my workout plan that Jonathan continuously updates have kept the gym so enjoyable and I find myself absolutely buzzing to get back in there all the time. I even started going 6 days a week from how much I’m enjoying it. I'm not at my end goal just yet but I'm definitely on the right track and the support I get from Jonathan who is always available has been a huge factor in that. I never find myself slacking and always feel proper motivated!(LONG TERM)

Aaron Dunne

Before I started this program, I was unhappy with my body. I had let myself get out of shape and I didn't have the belief I could get myself back to where I wanted to be. I lacked motivation, confidence in myself, a support system and a structure to make the changes I needed to but wanted to do better for me and the people around me. I knew I couldn't keep feeling like that. Then, I reached out to Jonathan because I saw what he had been able to do for other people and I knew this kind of transformation program was exactly what I was looking for. Since starting this journey, I am down over 10kg and I look as good as I ever have. But what I have gained from this experience goes far beyond what shows on the scales and in the mirror. I have come out of it more knowledgeable on training and nutrition and I feel so happy and full of self belief. And I know I can keep pushing myself with Jonathan as my coach. He has been the support I needed, he has given me the tools and the self belief I lacked and backed me all the way through this. He has been the catalyst to turning myself around this year. Cant wait to see what else I can do working with him!(14 weeks)

Ryan Smith

Jonathan is always there for support and the best decision I ever made was to sign up with him. I've lost almost 60lbs!(long term)

Sam Widdowson

I had got to a point with my body that I was avoiding looking in the mirror. I hated how I looked in clothes, let alone without them. Fresh off the back of a break-up, feeling miserable in pretty much every aspect of life, I knew something had to change. I'd been following Jonathan for a while, and had actually almost filled out his coaching form once before, but backed out of it. I decided enough was enough, and that I needed help to get back to feeling some sort of confidence. I think I've seen a lot of his client testimonials say this, but there's a reason why they do, because it really feels like he "gets" you. From the first call he understood where I was at, what I wanted to achieve, and whether I was actually willing to commit what I needed to. He's picky in the clients he takes on for this reason, as mindset is a really key part to any sort of change. He sets you up for long term success (not a short term diet) and gives you the plan, the tools and the guidance you need (he will also call you out if you try to bullshit him, which is really valuable for accountability and progress). Working with him has geared me up for an attitude and lifestyle change, not just a short-term fad that will cause me to rebound and put weight back on. I haven't been perfect on this program, as life never is, but there's never been a time that I've thought "fuck it" because the key take-away is the fact that you can have bad days, but it's the long term commitment to the process that really works. I feel completely different. My confidence is back, I feel better within myself both physically and mentally, I know I have the ability to actually knuckle down and see something through, and I'm literally going to pursue a dream lifestyle (snowboarding) because of how my mindset has been reworked over the time I've worked with him. I have nothing but gratitude.
(4 months)

Josh Murray

This programme has changed my life, it still hasn't settled in that I made so much progress in 8 weeks!(8 weeks)

Dylan Byrne

If I had made this progress after 12 weeks I would have been delighted!(6 weeks)


I managed to achieve these results even with a few too many nights out in between - I can’t believe it!(8 weeks)

Garry Smith

The workout plans, the meal plan, the support; just the whole program is unbelievable! I am so happy with my results(12 weeks)


I've been following Jonathan's program for a few months now as I completely lacked motivation and have a very different goal than most; gaining weight. Having a PT background myself I knew what had to be done, I just needed a nudge in the right direction. The FB group and email support from Jonathan has been great. I feel stronger, more energised and I'm closer than ever to my goal weight!(LONG TERM)


Before joining the Transformation Program, nutrition was my biggest struggle. However, Jonathan designed me an exceptional meal plan with so many options and I have finally started getting the results I've wanted for so long.(8 WEEKS)

Kellie Dempsey

A few months ago, I was at the heaviest and unhappiest I had ever been. I was struggling so much with my weight, none of my clothes fit me anymore and I was literally starting a diet every Monday since 2019. I hated exercising and I was always in the mindset of ‘I’ve had a chocolate bar or takeaway now I’ve gone off my diet I may as well just start again next Monday.’ Then, I saw Jonathan had spaces open on the Transformation Program & I jumped on it straight away because I was so sick of how I felt and looked. And I'm so happy that I did because he has completely changed my mindset on ‘dieting’ and taught me how to still enjoy all my favourite foods and takeaways while still losing weight. In terms of exercise, I never thought I would enjoy exercising but I feel so much stronger and fitter now. I remember I said to Jonathan I want to be able to walk to work without being out of breath and breaking out in a sweat and I can easily do that now - something I never thought I would be able to do! The only regret I have is that I didn’t sign up sooner and I’ve decided to stay with Jonathan even after completing my first 12 weeks as he’s a brilliant coach and is always there with the answers to help me reach my goals!(12 Weeks)

Diarmuid Severs Coen

The meal plan was extremely accessible and had brilliant variety and Jonathan was always available and replied quickly whenever I had any questions. I lost 25lbs in 12 weeks!(12 weeks)

Cian Moore

Before joining, I had plateaued completely, training every day and trying to eat right but getting absolutely nowhere. I probably ended up going backwards at times! As a result, I was really not happy with the amount of time I was putting into training without any results and was not enjoying the whole process at all. Then, I saw one of Jonathan's TikTok posts and ended up following him on Instagram. The little pieces of info I picked up from his Q&A's and posts made me feel that it would be a good idea to reach out and see if we could break the rut. 3 months on, I have lost more weight than I realised I was carrying (9kg!!) and improved by 20-30% in almost every exercise in the gym. I now realise that my nutrition was all over the place and I was not putting the right structure into my training to reap the benefits. I have found the prospect of having somebody to answer to and having paid someone to help me get results lead me to be much stricter with myself than I had been for a long time. I should point out that I even managed to fit in 2 holidays during the programme without hurting my progress. That's how sustainable this has been for me. Now, I am much leaner, stronger and fitter and as a result of all this, I am enjoying my training a lot more and I'm so much happier with how I look. Buzzing to continue!(12 weeks)

Sam Pollard

I had been going to the gym for a year or so but I was lacking direction, especially in nutrition. I decided to sign up to the Transformation Program after a discussion with Jonathan and haven’t looked back since! He is always on hand to answer any questions and his knowledge is very extensive. If you’re wondering whether to sign up or not, do it! You won’t regret it. I've lost 6kg in 8 weeks. (8 weeks)

Kristian Hampson

From a young age I have always had a problem with my weight. At 110kg, I decided I needed to do something and through training and running a marathon I managed to get down to 80kg. However, the weight started to creep back up soon after as I started drinking too much and not looking after my eating. I felt rubbish. No energy, no vision. I knew I needed to do something so I filled in my application to start with Jonathan who I had been following on YouTube for some time and always liked what he had to say and the info he gave out. So, I discussed my goals with him and he tailored a program exactly to my needs. The workouts are fantastic with a tutorial video available for each exercises, my nutrition is looked after, there’s lots of recipes and if you’re unsure on something, Jonathan will sort it for you and give you great advice. All in all, this program has changed my life, it’s given me vision of what I want to achieve and what I want to do with my fitness and lifestyle goals. I have seen fat loss from day one (currently over 15kg down) without being restrictive like some other diets, I enjoy what I eat and have room to fit treats in when needed, granted the work needs to be done to stick to the goals set by Jonathan and if anyone does that, they will achieve their goals too. I still have a long way to go but looking at my progress so far, I am absolutely made up with what I have achieved seeing muscle I have never seen before and getting stronger in the gym. Epic program can’t wait to see what’s next!(6 months)


I found that after having a baby I struggled to get my nutrition right but following Jonathan’s plan has simplified things and I’m finally result. I lost over 1 stone in 8 weeks!(8 weeks)

Desmond Kane

Before I got in touch with Jonathan, I was in the dreaded 'skinny fat' category - my muscle mass low, my body fat high and I had trained on and off for years without any real progress. Things came to a head when I was on holiday last summer: I was on the beach but didn't go into the sea, because I would have had to take my top off, and I was just too embarrassed to do so. In the apartment that evening, I took the plunge and sent an application to Jonathan, and being in a low mood generally, I assumed he wouldn't get back to me: 'He's not going to waste his time with me... I'm a lost cause... I'll always look this way, no matter what I do'. But Jonathan is clearly of the mindset that lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for because he duly got back to me, made sure I was serious, told me what to expect and what he expected and onboarded me, and, truly, my only regret is not reaching out to him sooner. He equips you with everything you need to succeed in every area: fitness, nutrition and perhaps most important of all, the mental and emotional part of the process. Because I can be an over-thinker and I do worry sometimes. But Jonathan removes this huge mental and emotional burden from you as he has the answers, he reassures you and he leaves nothing to chance because he is personally invested in your transformation. I have been with Jonathan for 3.5 months now, and although I am still at the beginning of my journey, I have seen changes to my body that I didn't think were possible for me. Furthermore, the discipline I have developed on the programme has spilled over into other areas of my life, making me healthier, happier and more productive. Finally, the Jonathan you see on social media -- down-to-earth, friendly, positive, inspiring -- is just a small glimpse of the Jonathan you'll be working with. He is so much more than what you see of him on social media, and your relationship with him will be 100x more than just a personal trainer-client relationship: he'll be your trainer, yes, but also your guide, your support, your fitness and nutrition wiki and your biggest fan. Indeed, he'll be the key to unlocking potential you don't yet know you have. So, why stay on the sidelines? Take the plunge. Now.(14 weeks)

David Moore

I recommend this programme to anyone who has ever struggled to lose weight because the diet doesn't even feel like a diet!(8 weeks)

Brendan Mc Crory

Before starting with Jonathan, I was extremely unhappy with my body position. I had been gym-ing regularly for years, but somehow made very little progress, and had allowed life and trash eating to put me in the worst shape I was in. I reached out to Jonathan, as I knew I needed advice and a change. He immediately understood my needs, and the struggles that I had making progress. Since starting, I’ve completely changed my life. I’ve lost over 10kg, I’ve been able to nail down a solid nutritional base, and working strictly to the gym routines, been able to get my body in the shape that reflects the work and time I’ve put in. Also, not having to worry about nutritional or gym planning is an incredible weight off my shoulders. I had a very busy Summer with launching a business and 4 foreign holidays, and I know I would not have been able to make the progress shown without Jonathan’s help here. On top of that, his coaching isn’t all about “fitness” and outside of this, he has helped steer me on a better path in terms of daily non-negotiables, and this has hugely improvement my consistency in all areas of life."(20 weeks)

Paddy Nea

Before the Transformation Program, I trained in the gym and had a basic knowledge of nutrition but I've learned more about meals and training in the last 4 weeks with Jonathan than I have in years on my own at it. I'm down 6kg in 4 weeks and delighted with the results and can't wait now for the bulking phase. Jonathan is the man for anyone looking to transform their shape, very helpful in every way. (4 weeks)

Shaun Slater

I've always struggled with diets in the past but Jonathan's recipes and guidelines have changed my approach to food and its something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The training schedule is challenging and varied and Jonathan has been great to work with and a positive presence throughout. Highly recommend!(8 Weeks)

Justin Bridger

I decided to undertake the Transformation Program at a time where I needed to make a personal change. For years I struggled to get the results that I really wanted and on many occasions I was trying different ways that never actually worked and would lead me way back to square one. So far on this program, what I have achieved is way beyond my expectations and Jonathan as a coach and mentor has been truly professional from day one. His knowledge and expertise have been fantastic and without this, my story would certainly not have been possible.(LONG TERM)

Kim Smith

This plan was so easy to follow, it's the best thing I've ever done!(6 weeks)

Gemma O Mahony

I never thought I would see my weight and body change like it has. I lost 7kg and it didn't even feel like I was on a diet!(8 weeks)

Craig Howard

I started this journey at my lowest low. In just a few months I had relatives pass away, family pets pass away, took a career shift leaving behind a decade of work and a long term relationship that crumbled. I look back on the last 4 years and couldn’t recognise myself, I had put on a heap of weight, I was drastically out of shape and my drinking and eating habits had spiralled beyond control. I made the decision that I was going to get back to my old training habits, flick back to the bare bones nutrition I knew ‘worked’ and start the journey to be happy in myself again. After successfully losing a small amount of weight on my own, I knew I was taking the long way round and making it difficult for myself. I needed guidance. Starting with Jonathan, he doesn't just dive into nutrition and training...it starts from the ground up. Mindset and outlook...this isn't a temporary change. This is going to be a lifestyle. You're not looking for a sprint but you're looking at the new habits you carry with you everyday. His guidance and knowledge on everything from health issues (I have minor scoliosis and this has caused some issues with training at times , he guides you right through it all) to nutrition and how to curb hunger and balance your meals is invaluable. You get to eat the kind of meals you would want to eat, he even gave me a little slap on the wrist for not giving myself some sweet treats from time to time. This venture has changed everything about who I am today, not just my physique but my mentality and well-being. How to set yourself for success for anything, not just a fitness goal. These routines and habits have shaped an incredible start to my new career as well as get me into the best shape of my life. It feels far more like having a life coach and a mentor to reach out to when it hits the fan to get you back on track and keep you motivated to push further towards the goals and promises you make for yourself. This is just the beginning of my journey, I'm 6 months into it but it's been the best investment of my life. I can't recommend it enough for anyone looking to make a change for themselves, and I can't wait to continue on and see what we can achieve.(6 months)

Ciara Sommerfield

This is the first workout and meal plan I have ever stuck to and the huge variety of food makes the it so easy to follow. I lost 7.8kg in 8 weeks!(8 weeks)

Jack Stockwell

Before I reached out to Jonathan, I’d gotten to a point where my entire daily life was dominated by how unhappy I was about the way I looked. All my clothes had become too small for me, I had completely lost control of my diet and felt guilty about everything I ate, I never exercised and was totally unfit. I would even avoid mirrors and close my eyes whenever I was getting dressed or showering so I wouldn’t have to look at my body. I finally decided to join Jonathan’s Transformation Program after one day I had tried to put on clothes that I’d worn on my holidays the year before and couldn’t get in to them. I can confidently say that this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Since joining, I’ve lost a total of 20kg, my relationship with food has been completely transformed & for the first time in my life, I’m in a full routine of going to the gym regularly. As a result, I no longer hate my body or avoid the mirror. Now we’re on to a new phase where I'm focusing on building muscle and eventually maintaining a physique that I love. Jonathan’s knowledge, expertise and dedication to his clients is the main thing that has allowed me to progress to where I am today. And it’s only the beginning. I can’t recommend him enough.(Long term)

Nabil Ait Melloul

My experience of working with Jonathan has been great so far. The personalised workouts he designs for me are the best I have ever followed and as a result, I have been able to gain muscle whilst losing fat. If you want to get results, I advise people to work with Jonathan Clarke. He's humble, knowledgable and knows exactly what he's doing.(6 months)

Ronan White

This program is top class and I'm feeling great in myself.(6 weeks)

Hazel O'Driscoll

The support and encouragement you receive from Jonathan is so consistent and I've seen some massive changes in my body and mindset. I lost 6.7kg in 8 weeks!(8 weeks)

Raneem Massoud

I'm delighted with my progress and I can't believe how much energy I have, I feel unreal!(6 weeks)

Niamh Kearney

Jonathan is brilliant at what he does and I didn’t want the 8 Week Challenge to end! I lost over 7kg.(8 weeks)

Riona Kelly

My downfall has always been my nutrition and this program has 100% helped me and is so easy to follow!(12 weeks)

Sarah McDermott

Before I started the programme I was deeply unhappy with my body. I was approaching 40, had gone through a premature menopause and I had put on weight over the Covid lockdowns. I felt that my body was letting me down in many ways and I stopped looking after myself. I wasn't eating healthily, I wasn't exercising regularly and I had no set structure to my daily routine. Where I always enjoyed the gym, I didn't know what exercises would suit me best and I didn't have the confidence to ask any of the trainers in the gym so there was no consistency to any of the efforts that I was trying to make.  I came across Jonathan's profile on TikTok during the COVID lockdowns and I followed him for a few months before I reached out to him. I liked his videos, but most of all I liked his informative and realistic approach and I wanted to learn how to lose weight in a healthy way that I didn't feel that I was depriving myself and I wanted to learn how to build strength and muscle through exercise in the gym. I initially signed up to the programme for 12 weeks and now 11 months later I'm still continuing with it and going strong. I have achieved so much from the programme. I have a much better & healthier relationship with my body - I now see what my body is capable of when I look after myself and I feel much stronger in myself both physically and mentally.  I have gained a huge amount of knowledge around nutrition and how to fuel my body in a healthy way and still enjoy my food. I have never felt hungry or deprived while in a calorie deficit and what I've learned has informed me in how to make healthier choices while still enjoying myself. I have continued to have my nights out and go on holidays during my time on the programme without affecting my progress or feeling guilty for enjoying myself. I have learned that I am much more capable of achieving anything I set my mind to than I ever thought. There have been many times over the past 11 months where I felt totally out of my comfort zone especially in the gym. With Jonathan's support & encouragement I was able to push through it every time and generally ended up smashing every challenge that I dreaded! (Thank you Barbell Hip Thrust!). I also never dreamed that I would lose the amount of weight that I have - my overall 'ideal goal' for myself was to lose 10kg - and I have doubled that!  I feel stronger, fitter, healthier & younger than ever. Joining the programme is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself!(11 months)

Julie Delaney

Since joining, my confidence has grown so much and I finally feel happier in myself again. In terms of diet I don’t feel restricted at all and the workouts that Jonathan has given me are challenging but 100% doable. In just 12 weeks I have achieved more than I could ever imagine, I wish I had signed up sooner! To any girls who are feeling like I felt - lacking confidence in their body and want to tone up, I would highly recommend joining the Transformation Program. If I can do it, you definitely can!(12 weeks)

Conor Kinirons

I was making no progress no progress in the gym until I joined Jonathan's Transformation Program. Now, I'm down over 4 and a half stone and I continue to make progress every week without sacrificing my snacks or my weekly Chinese takeaway. The plan is so easy to follow and Jonathan provides you with everything you need. Overall, it's hands down the best thing I've ever done for myself so if you're sitting on the fence about joining, do it. You won't regret it.(LONG TERM)

Aoife O'Grady

I lost 19lbs and I have never felt so confident in my life!(12 weeks)

Aimee Melody

Jonathan showed me how to build a diet around my lifestyle and the workout plan has helped me become stronger than I ever was!(8 weeks)

Simon Breadmore

I first reached out to Jonathan after getting back from a holiday in Mallorca and realising that I no longer felt comfortable getting topless on the beach. I had always been slim and in relatively good shape, but for the first time I looked in the mirror and really felt self-conscious about how I looked and how I felt things were going. I'd let myself go a little as part of getting used to my desk based job, surroundings and routines. I knew I needed a change, I knew I'd be able to hit the gym more and take control of the nutrition, but I also new I needed accountability and someone who with the experience and knowledge of how to make this fit in with my busy schedule. So I reached out to Jonathan, and truthfully I haven't looked back since. He's been fantastic, both with setting up workout plans and helping me understand the nutrition side of things, which is something I had never put any thought into. It hasn't always been easy, but with his constant support he makes it as simple as it needs to be. I can't speak highly enough of how great he has been and the last 3 months working together have been great. Physically the changes are clear, fat loss and increased muscle mass mean I look in great shape again. But mentally, it's like a new me. I get to work energised from my workouts, view myself as a work in progress and don't stress when one session feels sub-par, because I know its not the final one I'll ever do. This all comes from the support Jonathan gives and it is absolutely unreal, I can't recommend him enough. I cant wait to kick on and see what we can achieve working together! As a side note, I'm currently on holiday and have no issues whipping the top off at the pool, so clearly something's working!(12 weeks)

Jaime Arriola

Before I reached out to Jonathan, I was unhappy with my body. For my entire life, my self-esteem had been low, I had no self-belief & I lacked motivation and confidence in myself. On top of that, I didn't know anything about nutrition and I was afraid of joining a gym because I thought everybody would laugh at how I was doing the exercises. I knew I needed a support system and a structure to make the changes I wanted and build a better version of myself. Then, I found Jonathan on Instagram and I saw what he had been able to do for other people and I knew this kind of program was exactly what I was looking for. Since I started this program, I have been losing fat without changing my social life during the weekends and I've learned that being on diet doesn't have to be restrictive - it's about balance. I look as good as I ever have but what I have gained from this experience goes far beyond what shows on the scales and in the mirror. I have come out of it with more knowledgeable on training and nutrition and I feel so happy, grateful and full of self-belief. Even though I'm not from Ireland & I'm living in another country (and English is not my native language), Jonathan has been the support I needed and he has helped me through some of the toughest times. This was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made & I'm excited to continue. Thank you so much Jonathan.(12 Weeks)

Connor Greig

I had been dieting for a few years before joining the Transformation Program but had hit a plateau with a strict diet and eating very little calories. I reached out to Jonathan around 6-7 months ago and since then, I have lost more weight eating more calories than I was on before, my energy levels have gone up and I'm a lot more confident and happy with my body.(long term)

Daniel Thompson

I had trained on and off for years, with no real success. Despite constantly researching what it takes to build an impressive physique, I could never quite make it work. I would cycle through different methods of training and dieting. I have been thin, skinny-fat, overweight, and never once felt happy when I saw myself in the mirror. This wasn’t through lack of willpower or effort. Working your ass off and never getting any results takes a serious toll on your mental health. I didn’t want to give up, but I felt lost and didn’t know what to do next. The silver lining is that these failures finally made me realise that I needed help, and having followed Jonathan on social media for a long time, he was my first choice. I don’t want this to come across as a clichéd testimonial that you see people put on social media because their coach made them. I asked Jonathan if I could write something about my experience because the improvement in my life over these past 7 months has been simply mind-blowing, and I am extremely grateful. I went into this not really knowing what to expect and hoping I could maybe lose some fat while building muscle. Since then, I have lost 20kg and gotten to a level of leanness I didn’t believe was possible for my body. I did this whilst managing to vastly improve my strength across all lifts. I look in the mirror now and honestly can’t believe it’s me. The physical difference in my photos is obvious, but the mental differences aren’t. I now have a MUCH better level of understanding on nutrition, health, sleep and training. I had a few setbacks along the way, including an operation. This put me out of action while I recovered. Having a coach during the tough times was an absolute Godsend, and realising that these setbacks are a mere drop in the ocean compared to the overall journey, has almost bullet-proofed my mentality. This is all thanks to Jonathan’s coaching and mentoring. Not once have I missed out on a social event, because I have learned to enjoy every occasion without any negative impact on my goals. I am a happier, more positive person, who looks forward to waking up every morning. I am about to begin the second phase of my journey, where we plan to up the calories and gain some serious muscle. I couldn’t be more excited! And when I eventually part ways with Jonathan, I will have gained all the tools and knowledge I could ever need to continue progressing, as well as a mate for life. If you are on the fence about working with a coach, please believe me when I say you will not regret taking the plunge. It will change your life.(7 months )

Laura Williams

I started working with Jonathan just over 6 months ago when I was totally lost & in need of a plan to get me to my goal of building toned muscle. He was super helpful & knowledgable from the get go & designed a fantastic workout plan tailored to my goals. It was really informative & easy to follow; this made it so much easier for someone like myself just starting out at the gym doing weight training. The workouts were challenging but really rewarding. Despite the multiple lockdown situations, he still devised a great home workout plan that was just as effective. He was always on hand to offer support personally & has helped me through some of the toughest times. I would highly recommend Jonathan, especially to any women out there feeling lost & wanting to make that change! I feel so much happier, stronger & more confident! He was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! (6 months )

Cian Carey

I joined the Transformation Program because I wanted to bulk up. Anything I was doing previously wasn’t working as I have a really fast metabolism and I was just over being called skinny. Now, thanks to Jonathan's coaching, I am finally making visible improvements and I’m really happy with my progress so far. But, I'm nowhere near my end goal and the plan is to be in the best shape of my life for my wedding next year. And I know that this is something I will achieve with Jonathan's guidance.(LONG TERM)

Matthew Nugent

The meal plan is great and so flexible!(6 weeks)

Gary Flanagan

This is by far the best results I've ever gotten from a gym/nutrition plan. I lost 8.6kg in 8 weeks!(8 weeks)


Jonathan is unbelievably supportive and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better person to get me back on track. I lost 20lbs in 8 weeks!(8 weeks)

Ross Campbell

In the 5 years prior to joining Jonathan’s coaching program, I had lost 23kg of fat and fallen in love with the process of taking good care of myself. However, I had also gotten complacent with the progression of my physique. For the past year and a half, I had remained consistent in the gym but I didn’t pay close enough attention to what I was putting into my body for the other 23 hours of the day and so my body fat remained at a level I was unhappy with. I’d begin a cut, make progress, then revert and start all over again. As a result, in December 2022 I decided I’d had enough of taking one step forward and two steps back, and having followed Jonathan’s socials since 2020 and noticing his client transformations, I bit the bullet and decided to invest in the progress I knew I was capable of attaining with the right guidance in place. Fast forward less than 12 weeks I’ve dropped 8kg of fat and gotten stronger on many lifts. I have reached a point with my cut where it almost feels effortless, as if I’m on auto-pilot and just watching the fat disappear more and more each day - and I’m saying that as someone who has always had a big appetite! I am now within striking distance of the physique I have dreamt of attaining since 2018 and I could not be happier. I’d suspected for a long time that accountability was the missing link preventing me from reaching my goal physique for the past 5 years and after now having been on the program for 12 weeks so far, that has proven to be the case - 100%. Throughout these 12 weeks I’ve accomplished a lot with my business too and so joining the program has helped me prove to myself that I’m capable of excelling in fitness and my work life simultaneously. I honestly can’t recommend Jonathan’s coaching enough - it’s the closest thing there is to a cheat code with fitness 😉(12 weeks)

Seán O Boyle

Before I started working with Jonathan, I had trained for many years but was not seeing the results that would reflect the effort I was putting in. Last year was a very difficult year for me personally and I felt I needed some guidance, accountability and structure. I wanted to balance my heavy work schedule, prioritise my family and be efficient in the gym. reached out to Jonathan because the challenges that I faced had affected my physical health and I realised how important the gym was for me, both mentally and physically. I was tired of the frustration, the guess work, and the lack of real progress. Working with Jonathan is a decision I will never regret. Not only has he given me a great training programme, he’s guided me through every aspect of the physical journey. Refocusing and adjusting mindsets, guiding me through social events such as Christmas, holidays, stag weekends away, when motivation or doubt became an issue, whatever the challenge he was always available to provide the support needed. I have now established habits and routines that are seeing massive results. I’ve cut 14.5kg and am now in a position to build a physique I can be very proud of. I am very excited to see where we go next and it is very comforting to know that I am working with a guy who holds himself and myself to such high standards. The professionalism, knowledge and support that Jonathan provides is a credit to him! He has also created a community amongst the members where we can share our goals, our experiences and our achievements. He has installed habits and mindsets that have set me up for success and I can’t wait to what that success will look like! My thanks to Jonathan for the work ethic and support so far 💪💪(6 months)

Sean Tully

I lost 4.5kg in 8 weeks! Jonathan is so easy to work with and really knows his stuff!(8 weeks)

Nathan Seago

Before starting this journey I was struggling with many aspects of life but overall I just had no direction and felt dissociated. I was eating multiple takeaways a week as well as multiple packs of biscuits doing whatever I wanted without thought of my health, both physical and mental. Falling short in my personal life as well as my work life, floating through each day without purpose. I reached out to Jonathan as I knew deep down I had not given up on myself but also recognised that I could not get myself to the level of consistency, discipline and commitment required without assistance and accountability. Having watched Jonathan’s YouTube channel for a while and having seen the opportunity to be coached by him I tentatively took that step. I say this without exaggeration, that was one of if not the best decision I have made in life. From day 1 Jonathan has been unbelievably supportive, providing regular feedback and ensuring accountability is held. He has helped me lose over 12kg so far and I’m as lean and strong as I’ve ever been, something I have no doubt would never have been achievable without Jonathan’s help. This has made me grow physically and mentally, I have a level of discipline and self-respect like never before. I have a new found confidence and feel like a new man. There really isn’t enough I can say about how amazing my transformation has been and it has not been without some struggles along the way, but that has all been part of this journey. Learning how to overcome those struggles and how to reduce the negative impact they may have. I have already made great progress under Jonathan and feel I have only just started! I cannot wait to see how my progress continues to develop from here on.(long term)

Conor Kelly

I lost 12kg in 8 weeks!(8 weeks)

Rory Martin

Before reaching out to Jonathan I struggled massively with consistency with both my training and my diet. I had major gym anxiety and never felt confident in my form which always led to me walking out of the gym demoralised and not wanting to go back the next day. This also had a big impact on tracking my diet because I just believed it was pointless if I wasn’t training properly. Thankfully, since I started working with Jonathan my attitude to the gym has completely changed. His form videos, detailed analysis & positive feedback mean I go to the gym confident in myself and I'm making the most progress I ever have as a result. To go along with that, the nutrition plan and recipes he provides has made my diet so easy because I have so much variety. I couldn’t recommend Jonathan as a coach highly enough for anyone looking to change their lifestyle and get in better shape.(12 weeks)

Celso Silva

Jonathan is amazing at what he does. I lost a total of 12kg in 12 weeks!(12 weeks)

Jeff Stanway

The arrival of baby number 3 and resuming my long work commute after two years due to the pandemic meant I could no longer fit in the regular exercise classes I had been taking. My weight was creeping up and I felt pretty helpless. I reached out to Jonathan as I liked his approach to nutrition and I felt he promoted a balanced lifestyle, fitting in gym sessions during the week but also resting and eating out at weekends. My experience in working with Jonathan so far has been amazing. After filling the application form out we had a chat and I felt Jonathan completely understood my circumstances and how he could help. I remember thinking "wow this guy gets me" and feeling genuinely excited about that. After deciding to work together we identified some near term and longer term goals and put a realistic workout plan together. I love the fact I don't even have to think about it - I can just walk in the gym three times a week, get it done, then leave. You get so much more than just a workout plan with Jonathan though. He is your biggest cheerleader when you hit that new PB. He also helps put things into perspective when I've gone off track with nutrition or had a generally bad week. This does not mean he is a soft touch though - he can spot a poor excuse for a missed workout a mile away! I'm six months in now and way stronger physically than I have ever been. At 41 I never thought I'd be able to master pull ups! I am also way more resilient mentally and feel I now have the tools to get back on track when life throws a curveball. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next six months brings working together. Let's go!(6 months)

Stephen Hanley

Jonathan has been nothing short of amazing in supporting me with this journey. He takes the the time to answer any and all questions and has done everything possible to ensure that my progress has continued from week to week. As a result, I have grown in confidence both in my looks and my ability in the gym. I can't wait to see how the rest of my journey goes and knowing that Jonathan has my back, I am confident that I will see the results I wish to obtain. I have lost 26kg!(6 months)

Sorcha Ni Bhraonain

Before starting with Jonathan, I was struggling with constantly being in a phase of “trying to cut” and never being consistent enough to achieve it. I would go back and forth of this all or nothing mindset and binge/restrict cycle. It was tolling and discouraging I wanted to end the cycle once and for all. I had been following Jonathan for a while, loved his content and knew he could help - so I reached out. A few months later , I feel so much more in control of my life. And that's not by making any drastic changes, but by establishing a plan, putting little things in place and making small changes with the focus being on building consistency and good habits while also enjoying life. Jonathan helped me focus less on the results and more on the process and the results will follow, which was exactly what I needed and what happened. It helped me take the emotional aspect of constantly checking the scale out of the picture and just trusting the process. And as a result, I lost 7.5kg. He has helped me manage my time and stress better too. I couldn’t recommend him more as a coach. His dedication to helping you is second to none and I’m so grateful.(14 weeks)

Simon McCaffrey

Before starting with Jonathan, I was on a terribly restricted diet and fell out of love with food. The meals were the same each day and I dreaded getting up in the morning stepping into the kitchen. This programme has changed that and now, I can actually eat food I enjoy, eat delicious recipes that Jonathan provides and I look forward to meal times. I am also seeing big changes in my physique, lifting heavier and overall, I'm much happier with how I look. I've spent way too long in the gym without change and having someone with Jonathan's knowledge and understanding by my side to ask questions, implement a plan and motivate me has set me up to succeed.(8 weeks)


I am absolutely loving the Transformation Program. The meal plan is great and so easy to stick to which is nuts because it's something I have always struggled with.(8 WEEKS)

Lee Gallagher

Before I started working with Jonathan, I wasn't in a good place both physically and mentally. My confidence was very low and I wasn't happy with how I was looking. I was training a short while by myself before but never saw any results and my diet was way too restrictive which only resulted in me binging every weekend. As a result, I never truly believed that I could actually get myself into shape. But now, I can honestly say that I am a completely different person. I am in the best shape of my life & I have learned so much in the process regarding training, nutrition, recovery and living a healthy lifestyle whilst still eating all the foods I love & going on nights out. My confidence has improved massively and I actually know what I'm capable of. Excited to keep this journey going!(16 weeks)

Matty Lewis

The Transformation Program has helped me bring my physique to a whole other level in the space of 8 weeks. I'm leaner, stronger and lifting weight that I didn't even think was possible for me. The program has been simple to follow and so effective for helping me stay on track with my nutrition and my lifts and I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking to make a real change.(8 weeks)

Lynda McDermott

I have lost 7.3kg and am at my lowest weight since having my son nearly 2 years ago. I feel amazing(6 weeks)

Ryan Donaldson

Brilliant program and couldn't recommend enough. 10/10!(8 weeks)

Maneula Meyer

Leading up to joining I was completely lacking routine, motivation and my nutrition was very poor. Jonathan made it super clear what I needed to do and gave me all the tools necessary to achieve my personal goals. He has also been a huge support, always there to answer questions, encourage and motivate me when I needed it and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have achieved what I have to date if it wasn’t for that. It was without a doubt my best investment of 2020 - I really couldn’t recommend him enough!(8 weeks)

Padraic Smith

The support you receive everyday keeps you motivated. I went from 118kg to under 100kg in 8 weeks!(8 weeks)

Irina Bytchkova

I started this journey when I realised my clothes weren’t fitting me anymore and I was feeling low and sluggish all the time. I couldn’t stop myself from overeating and snacking. I felt completely out of control. 12 weeks later and this program is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only did it help me get my confidence back and lose over 1 stone, it also taught me some important life long lessons about food and nutrition. I'm happy to say food no longer controls my life. Thank you Jonathan!(12 weeks)

Reed McGrew

I have struggled for many years to lose weight and keep it off, going through a couple of coaching experiences that left me drained, confused, and discouraged. Working with Jonathan, I have achieved the lowest body fat percentage I’ve seen in 20 years and gained a lot muscle definition throughout my body. I love the well-rounded strength training workouts he provides and the updates that are made regularly. He has also helped me gain more perspective on my tendency to stress eat that is helping me reduce the frequency and severity of those episodes. I made some breakthroughs with him that have given me a huge amount of confidence in my ability to do cuts successfully in the future. With his support, I finally started enjoying a lot more variety of high volume foods, implemented regular meal times, composition, and sizes, and gained a healthier and more manageable perspective on cravings and hunger that has helped relieve a lot of the stress and anxiety around dieting. I feel like I’m just getting started and I’m excited to keep making progress, which has never been the case coming out of a fat loss diet before. (5 months)

Debbie Smith

Before joining, I had been working out and getting nowhere but now, I’m 4 weeks into the Transformation Program, down 5kg and the difference inside and out is unreal. My meal plan is so easy to follow with lots to choose from - I even get to have a guilt free treat every day! If anyone is looking for a lifestyle change and to see real results, this is the man to go to. (4 weeks)

Dean Wallace

I can't stress enough how transformative my experience with the Jonathan has been. Like many, I struggled with significant weight gain during COVID and long after, feeling challenged and overwhelmed as the pounds piled on. It seemed like no matter what I tried, the weight just kept increasing, and it took a toll on both my physical and mental well-being. People began commenting on my weight gain, and my clothes no longer fit for all the wrong reasons, I joked about it but i wasn't healthy. That's when I decided to seek help, and connecting with Jonathan has been a game-changer. Despite the distance, their virtual guidance and support have been incredible. He took the time to understand my specific challenges and crafted a personalised fitness plan tailored to my needs and goals. His flexible approach to nutrition has allowed me to enjoy holidays, nights out, dinners, takeaways, and even some Guinness guilt-free while still making progress towards my goals. What truly sets Jonathan apart is his unwavering support and encouragement. Even on the toughest days when I felt like giving up, he was there to motivate me and remind me of how far I've come (16kg down so far). His positive attitude and belief in my abilities have been invaluable throughout this journey. Despite the indulgences, I've still managed to make significant progress towards my fat loss goals, thanks to the guidance and expertise. As I continue on my fat loss journey, Jonathan is helping me lay the foundation for future muscle building and strength development. The personalised approach ensures that I stay on track with my current goals while also preparing me for the next phase of my fitness journey. With his support, I've not only shed the excess weight but also gained confidence and strength I never knew I had. If you're struggling with your fitness goals, don't hesitate to reach out to Jonathan – they will be the support system you've been looking for.(long term)

Nicky Rodgers

I stumbled across Jonathan on YouTube and after watching one video I knew this guy knew what he was talking about. So, I wasted no time getting in touch with him to book a spot on his next programme. Best decision I ever made, got a plan set up and Jonathan even sent me it a week before I was due to start so I could read over it and make sure I understood everything correctly. He increased my calories and I still lost fat rapidly and his training plan is great - I love it. I even went from hating leg day to it being my favourite day of the week. So, if you are wanting to change your body then hit Jonathan up because you won't be disappointed with the knowledge this man has. He is a first class coach that I hope to be with for a long time, cheers Jonathan!(8 weeks)

Ronan Nash

I started with Jonathan nearly 3 months ago now after keeping an eye on his social for well over a year. All I can say is it's been nothing but a positive experience from day 1. Pretty much instantly the weight started to fall off me and sticking to my meal plan is genuinely effortless and you get treats everyday. It's so well done. Two and a half months on and I'm 10kg down, more muscular and lean than I have ever been, my sleep has improved and I feel great. My jeans are falling off me and all my belts are too big for me too (and I wasn't by any means overweight to begin with). Overall it has been a pleasure to work with Jonathan. He is always quick to respond to any questions I may have and to tweak my meal plan if needed. I would highly recommend.(8 weeks)

Matthew McDonagh

I lost a considerable amount of weight on my own and I was proud and happy with myself for doing so. But I got to a point where I didn’t know which direction to go next because I still wasn’t happy about how I looked. I struggled with knowing whether to try and lose more or try and build muscle. I followed Jonathan on Instagram for quite some time and debated about getting in touch with him. What appealed to me was the fact that I learned a lot from his social media content and thought working with him would be even more educational - and I was completely right. Jonathan’s approach is fantastic. He doesn’t give you a programme and leave it at that. He educates you on why he has chosen the programme, he is a constant support, very approachable and even more importantly, promotes a balanced lifestyle by making smarter choices without feeling restricted. My experience so far has been amazing. I enjoy my programme and the flexibility that goes with it. I can reach out to Jonathan at any time with any questions and he is quick to reply with informative advice and support. It has been eye opening to see results and still have a social life. It has completely changed my mindset and I’m so thankful to Jonathan for that! If like me you’re considering reaching out, consider no more and take the plunge. It’ll be the best decision you will make for YOU!(16 weeks)

Isabel Lavelle

Before I discovered Jonathan, I was really unhappy with my body and in a really poor place in relation to my body image. It was mentally taking a toll on me. I have always been one to like exercising and going to the gym. But with the gyms being closed from Christmas until June, I completely lost all motivation and stopped caring about exercising. Even when the gyms reopened I was thinking, "What's the point? I never got anywhere by going to the gym anyway, it's just impossible to achieve the body I dream about." The lack of exercise I conditioned myself to over those 6 months left me hating my body more than I had ever done before. I gained weight and just knew that if I didn't take action now I would regret it. Then, I signed up for the Transformation Program and ever since, Jonathan has taught me so much about nutrition and training. Also, knowing there is someone rooting for me, knowing that there is a plan in place and knowing that I would DEFINITELY see a change in my body shape for the better was all the motivation I needed to stick to his plan. From the first week I found myself happier and I knew that it was the right decision. I had my bad days as everyone does, but the best thing about Jonathan's plan is that it lets you live your life as well. You can have your takeaways, you can eat out with your friends, go for drinks, treat yourself to your favourite foods and STILL see results. Eating healthier becomes so easy when you can still do all these things. And now I don't even want to binge on food because I know how much happier I am in myself and with my body. Thank you Jonathan for all you have taught me and in comparison to just a few months ago, I am a new and improved person!(12 Weeks)

John Matthews

After the second child came along I found my motivation and activity levels were dropping and I didn’t even care. I found I had no respect for myself and was happy enough to skip my training or get a take away if I wanted one or stay in bed longer than maybe I should have. I noticed my health was starting to slide also, I was sick more often and my head space and well being wasn’t where it needed to be. I reached out to Jonathan on the recommendation of a friend when I was telling them that I needed a kick start with my nutrition and training and I needed some accountability in my life. I laugh because I remember asking JC on the consultation call if I could only do his nutrition plan because I knew what I was at when I was training, haha how wrong I was! Working with Jonathan has been great. He is always there to bounce problems or issues off. He gets you back on track straight away with no fuss or moaning and zero judgement. He is there for every slip up and the ups and downs and either responds with the arm on the shoulder or the kick up the hole, whichever is needed. He is very understanding and drives home the message that it is about long term consistency rather than constant perfection. As well as professional approach to coaching and working with people on a down to earth level his app is second to none. I absolutely love it. A new personalised training block every 4 weeks with every bit of detail you need to know about each gym session right there on your phone. I found before I would overthink or over-complicate training and make it more difficult than it needed to be often leading to stagnation in the gym. Also, the 100s of different recipes you get access to are incredible for fitting into your diet and helping you stay on track with the nutritional goals JC sets you. I sometimes think back to when I started with Jonathan over 2 years ago and wonder where I would be now if I didn’t fill out the consultation form. I don’t know where I would be. Obviously it has all been for the better. I was trapped in a negative cycle of binge eating and then over training to counteract my terrible diet. Now I live a different lifestyle preparing healthier foods to stay on track with my training but still having the flexibility to enjoy a take away or a meal out or a few drinks and not have it completely derail me like it would have in the past. Honestly working with JC has been eye opening to how effective a remote coach can be. He takes away all the uncertainty, makes it as easy as possible for you and I'm the leanest (10kg down) and happiest I've ever been as a result.(Long term)


The thing I love the most about the meal plan is all of the options I have for each meal - that way, I never get bored of eating the same foods. I have lost 7kg so far!(8 WEEKS)

Rory Ellard

Before joining the Transformation Program, I had neglected my overall fitness as well as my general health and wellbeing. Most of my accomplishments in life were using my mental attributes but by the end of 2022, I really wanted to do something which challenged me physically. I went to the gym a few times but most of those sessions lacked direction and resulted in me just doing a random selection of exercises. I had no plan in place and, as a result, was not making any progress. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across Jonathan's page. I had a look at a few posts and quickly decided to message Jonathan about coaching as the transformation of some of his previous clients was phenomenal. When I joined the programme, Jonathan gave me simple but attainable goals. This included both nutritional targets and a training plan which would enable me to achieve my initial goal of fat loss. In particular, I love the flexibility of the nutrition goals where he gives you calorie and macronutrient targets along with a huge no. of meal options and some added flexibility for social events. He also solved my lack of direction in the gym. The training plan was simple but allowed me to track my lifts and push hard to make incremental improvements and strength gains. Over time, these incremental improvements have compounded and resulted in a significant transformation in my physique. After the first 12 weeks, I had dropped from 80kg to 66kg which far exceeded my expectations. At this point, I was hooked and was really enjoying working with Jonathan. In those first 3 months, I learnt so much about nutrition and training. I understood the concepts of calorie deficits and surpluses as well as the role of the different macronutrients. The feedback on my lifting technique was also invaluable. Making gains whilst knowing your technique is on point is truly satisfying! Since then, I have transitioned into a lean bulk phase which has enabled me to grow significant muscle mass. Throughout the journey, Jonathan has guided me but also given me the autonomy to achieve my goals in my own way. Without a doubt, this is the best physical condition I have been in for almost a decade. I no longer have any apprehension around the gym and have that reassurance from Jonathan that I'm on the right track. I am less than a year on this journey but am already super excited for future progress! It is definitely the best investment I have made in myself and I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to anyone looking to make a positive change to their overall health and fitness.(long term)

Pamela Smith

I now realise that this takes time, patience, a steady programme and a brilliant coach!(6 weeks)

Samantha Smith

I understand food in a way I never have before. 16lbs down and chuffed!(8 weeks)

Aaron Conroy

I am so happy with my progress and I feel much more comfortable in the clothes I want to wear!(6 weeks)

Lee Moore

I have always went to the gym and really enjoyed it. But I hit a wall at the start of the year and looked into getting an online coach. Well, finding Jonathan was the best fitness related thing I have ever done and he has completely opened my mind to calorie counting & getting the most out of my workouts. Even when we went into lockdown that didn't stop him encouraging me and giving me home workouts to do. I feel better than I ever and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with him.(Long term)

Paul Dove

Before coming across Jonathan, I was going to the gym as much as I possibly could but still wasn’t achieving my desired results. Then, lockdown hit and I put on a few extra pounds and lacked motivation. That’s when things changed and I found Jonathan and the Transformation Program. He broke everything down, made things super easy and got my motivation back up and going again. I’m probably working out less than I had before and although I’m in a calorie deficit, it doesn’t feel like it. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in and that voice of doubt in the back of my head is gone as I can always ask Jonathan anything. Can’t recommend this program enough.(long term)

Adam Challice

Before I started the program, I suffered with many mental health issues, mostly being anxiety. This would affect me by wearing excessive amounts of clothing no matter the temperature to hide my figure; I hadn’t worn shorts in years prior to this summer. I would walk down streets looking downwards, look away from people when walking past them. One of the silliest is not letting anyone take my photo and politely asking them to delete it if they did. I stopped going to social events, I binged a lot, no longer got undressed in the same room as my partner. I despised how I looked. One day I was on YouTube and one of Jonathan’s videos popped up. I had enough of being depressed and self-loathing & I had confidence that Jonathan would help me achieve my goals which are constantly evolving. 10 months later, best decision I have made. Jonathan always has the right answer and I’ve never felt like I couldn’t ask him anything. I spent around 5 months working out at home, I hated the gym but with his confidence joined by mine, I’m now a fully-fledged gym goer. There have been times where I have fallen down but Jonathan has picked me up. I’ve caught covid, had 2 leg injuries, had terrible sessions at the gym but Jonathan has always sprung me out safely and back on track. There has been no obstacle he hasn’t had a solution for. And now, everything I have mentioned at the beginning is no longer an issue. I take every opportunity (especially now it’s Summer) to embrace my figure, I can walk the streets confidently, my posture is fixed and I look at people with a smile. Being fit and confident has impacted how I am with general life and work. I’ve become proactive and determined, at work I take every opportunity to participate in events (no more anxiety when attending those big corporate events!) and my social circle has grown! I hope this read has been inspirational and if you’re struggling, I encourage you to reach out!(LONG TERM)


I am absolutely delighted with my results. I am down a total of 10kg, smaller clothes fit me and I can still treat myself to some fish & chips every now and again!(16 weeks)

Scott Grewar

After being a member of the gym for a long time, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and I had no clue where to begin in terms of a healthy diet. But after just 8 weeks on the Transformation Program, I am losing fat, reaching new goals and finally seeing great results! I am now much more confident in the gym, I find it so easy to track my diet & the support from Jonathan is second to none.(8 weeks)

Ravi Mistry

As a guy who was always the fat kid back in the day, I initially started on my second weight loss journey 3 years ago. Being an avid gym goer for around 8-9 years, and it being the second time, I had a decent idea of what to do and how to go about it and I managed to drop 50lbs on my own. However I hit a massive brick wall for quite a few months and no matter what I could do I just could not get the fat loss to start again. I was unhappy in how I felt, how I looked and how I was making zero progress as time went by and that's when I decided I needed help from Jonathan. My experience on the Transformation Program has been amazing so far! Jonathan's workout programmes and support have been fantastic in terms of being able to adjust things if need be due to personal circumstances and also the accountability factor. As someone who wasn't a newbie to the gym or nutrition, I have still learned a lot! And not only that, this program has changed me massively, both physically as well as mentally in terms of remaining consistent with my nutrition and pushing myself more. I've lost 21lbs in just over 4 months whilst gaining strength throughout and I'm at the leanest yet strongest I've ever been in my life. My confidence has skyrocketed and I'm able to wear tight fitting clothes and feel able to show my physique off at the beach without feeling self conscious. For those men and women who may not be newbies to nutrition and training and you're stuck in a rut, I highly recommend Jonathan as your coach as sometimes you do need to take a step back and accept help from others to achieve your goals.(Long term)

John Walsh

The meal plan was so flexible and tailored exactly to my wants and needs!(12 weeks)