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The Transformation Program is my premium online coaching service. Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat, bulk up or get shredded, I will design you a personalised plan and guide you to your dream physique in the space of 12 weeks.

  • Personalised monthly workout plans
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Tasty recipes tailored to your goal
  • Unlimited support
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  • If your gym is temporary closed, you will receive advanced home workouts until it reopens

  • Only requires one set of dumbbells or resistance bands

  • Tailored to other gym equipment you have access to e.g. resistance bands, squat rack, bench press, barbell & pull up bar

  • Video demonstration for every exercise on your plan

  • Highly effective in helping you gain muscle & strength


  • New gym workouts every 4 weeks to maximise your progress

  • Tailored to your goal and the muscle groups you really want to improve

  • Use the workout tracker in your account to log your workouts and see your training progress

  • Access to an exercise video library where I demonstrate every single exercise on your plan with audio and visual coaching cues to optimise muscle growth

  • Access to a gym equipped with barbells, dumbbells, cables and basic machines is required


  • Work with me to create a nutrition plan you enjoy and that will help you take your physique to the next level

  • Access to a library of healthy but tasty recipes tailored to your plan including burgers, bagels, wraps, stir-fries & curries

  • Access to brand new recipes books every month containing 30 calorie & macro friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert

  • Access to a supplement guide to help boost your performance in the gym and daily life


  • Regular check-ins & unlimited support from myself via instant message

  • Connect with other members on the same journey

  • Build healthy and sustainable habits that will improve your overall quality of life, not just your physique

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You will get access to all of the above and more in your very own account on!


These clients have transformed their bodies on my programs - you can too!

Conor Kelly

I lost 12kg in 8 weeks!

Debbie Smith

Before joining, I had been working out and getting nowhere but now, I’m 4 weeks into the Transformation Program, down 5kg and the difference inside and out is unreal. My meal plan is so easy to follow with lots to choose from - I even get to have a guilt free treat every day! If anyone is looking for a lifestyle change and to see real results, this is the man to go to.

Diarmuid Severs Coen

The meal plan was extremely accessible and had brilliant variety and Jonathan was always available and replied quickly whenever I had any questions. I lost 25lbs in 12 weeks!

Dylan Byrne

If I had made this progress after 12 weeks I would have been delighted!

Eoghan Coffey

Before I started, I was following the generic chicken and rice diet, the same workout routines day in day out and seeing no changes. Now, with my own personalised macros, so many recipes to choose from and my own workouts that Jonathan updates regularly, I am finally making proper progress. Jonathan also responds to emails fast with informative and supportive replies. I highly recommend this program!

Josh Murray

This programme has changed my life, it still hasn't settled in that I made so much progress in 8 weeks!

Julie Delaney

Since joining, my confidence has grown so much and I finally feel happier in myself again. In terms of diet I don’t feel restricted at all and the workouts that Jonathan has given me are challenging but 100% doable. In just 12 weeks I have achieved more than I could ever imagine, I wish I had signed up sooner! To any girls who are feeling like I felt - lacking confidence in their body and want to tone up, I would highly recommend joining the Transformation Program. If I can do it, you definitely can!

Justin Bridger

I decided to undertake the Transformation Program at a time where I needed to make a personal change. For years I struggled to get the results that I really wanted and on many occasions I was trying different ways that never actually worked and would lead me way back to square one. So far on this program, what I have achieved is way beyond my expectations and Jonathan as a coach and mentor has been truly professional from day one. His knowledge and expertise have been fantastic and without this, my story would certainly not have been possible.

Niamh Kearney

Jonathan is brilliant at what he does and I didn’t want the 8 Week Challenge to end! I lost over 7kg.

Nabil Ait Melloul

My experience of working with Jonathan has been great so far. The personalised workouts he designs for me are the best I have ever followed and as a result, I have been able to gain muscle whilst losing fat. If you want to get results, I advise people to work with Jonathan Clarke. He's humble, knowledgable and knows exactly what he's doing.

Riona Kelly

My downfall has always been my nutrition and this program has 100% helped me and is so easy to follow!

Ryan Smith

Jonathan is always there for support and the best decision I ever made was to sign up with him. I've lost almost 60lbs!

Samantha Smith

I understand food in a way I never have before. 16lbs down and chuffed!

Stephen Hanley

Jonathan has been nothing short of amazing in supporting me with this journey. He takes the the time to answer any and all questions and has done everything possible to ensure that my progress has continued from week to week. As a result, I have grown in confidence both in my looks and my ability in the gym. I can't wait to see how the rest of my journey goes and knowing that Jonathan has my back, I am confident that I will see the results I wish to obtain. I have lost 26kg!
JC Fitness Gym Program

And one final word- from my many years of experience in the health and fitness industry, you can be sure I have encountered the obstacles and barriers that are preventing you from making the progress you deserve. And I know that it’s hard to find a program that will get you actual results in an industry where there are so many poorly designed training plans and diets that just don't work.

And that is why I made it my mission to help people just like you realise that with the right training, a sustainable diet plan and constant guidance & support from myself, achieving your goal physique no longer has to be a dream- and that is exactly what the Transformation Program is all about.

So, instead of passing up on this amazing offer, click the button below and let's get started. It will be the best decision you ever make.

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