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Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat, or tone up, achieve your dream physique on my Transformation Program!

  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Tasty recipes tailored to your goal
  • Access to my home workout library
  • Unlimited support

€29 /month*

*recurring 28 day subscription

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Chicken Bagel
Turkey Burrito
Chicken Cashew Stirfry

Personalised nutrition plan

  • Flexible meal plan or calorie and macronutrient targets that update every 4 weeks based on your progress
  • Access to a library of healthy but tasty recipes including burgers, bagels, wraps, stir-fries & curries tailored to your plan
  • Learn how to achieve your goal without giving up your social life and the foods you love
Gym workout

New training plan

  • Weekly exercise schedule & targets
  • Meet your targets doing exercise you enjoy - this can include fitness classes, walking, sports, running etc.
  • Access to my beginner, intermediate and advanced home workouts
  • Receive new home workouts every 4 weeks
Jonathan ready to support you

Support & motivation

  • Unlimited access and support from myself via email
  • Access to a members-only Facebook group where I post daily to help keep you on track
  • Connect with other members on the same journey

How it works

1 Start with a questionnaire

This will help me get to know more about you, where you currently are on your fitness journey and what you want to achieve on this program.

2 I design your plan

Using the information provided in your questionnaire, I design you a personalised nutrition plan along with tasty recipes to achieve your goals.

3 Begin your journey

You will receive your plan the Tuesday after you sign up and you will have 5 full days to go through it and get prepared before you officially begin the following Monday. Your plan will update every 4 weeks as your body evolves!

Your Account

You will get access to all of the above and more in your very own account on!

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These clients have transformed their bodies on my programs - you can too!

Conor Kelly

Conor Kelly

I lost 12kg in 8 weeks!
Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith

I understand food in a way I never have before. 16lbs down and chuffed!
Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Jonathan is always there for support and the best decision I ever made was to sign up with him. I've lost almost 60lbs!
Riona Kelly

Riona Kelly

My downfall has always been my nutrition and this program has 100% helped me and is so easy to follow!