Transform your body

The Transformation Program is a monthly subscription coaching service. Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat, bulk up or get shredded, I will design you a personalised plan and guide you to your dream physique.

  • Personalised monthly workout plans
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Tasty recipes tailored to your goal
  • Unlimited support

For as long as your gym is closed due to the coronavirus, you will receive an Advanced Muscle Building Home Workout Program (this is exclusive to the Gym Plan & only one set of dumbbells is required) as well as a gym workout program that you can begin as soon as your gym reopens - nothing will stop us from making the progress you deserve!

44 /month*

*recurring 28 day subscription

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Dylan Byrne
Josh Murray
Raneem Massoud
Niamh Kearney


Dumble raise
Dumble squat
Dumbel back raise
Leg raise


  • New muscle building home workouts every 2 weeks
  • Only one set of dumbbells required
  • Includes resistance band alternatives
  • Access to my home exercise video library where I demonstrate every single exercise on your plan
  • Includes a workout tracker where you can log your workouts to ensure you’re maximising your progress
Gym workout

Personalised monthly gym workout plans

  • New gym workouts every 4 weeks to maximise your progress
  • Tailored to your goal and the muscle groups you really want to improve
  • Use the workout tracker in your account to log your workouts and see your training progress
  • Access to an exercise video library where I demonstrate every single exercise on your plan with audio and visual coaching cues to optimise muscle growth
  • Access to a gym equipped with barbells, dumbbells, cables and basic machines is required
Chicken Bagel
Turkey Burrito
Chicken Cashew Stirfry

Personalised nutrition plan

  • Flexible meal plan or calorie and macronutrient targets that update every 4 weeks based on your progress
  • Access to a library of healthy but tasty recipes tailored to your plan including burgers, bagels, wraps, stir-fries & curries
  • Access to brand new recipes books every month containing 30 calorie & macro friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert
  • Access to a supplement guide to help boost your performance in the gym and daily life
  • Achieve your goal without giving up your social life and the foods you love
Jonathan ready to support you

Support & motivation

  • Unlimited access and support from myself via email
  • Access to a members-only Facebook group where I post daily to help keep you on track
  • Connect with other members on the same journey

How it works


Sign up for the Gym Edition of the Transformation Program and pay a one off €10 sign-up fee as well as your €44 subscription fee for the first 4 weeks.


You will immediately receive a Welcome Email containing a link to a questionnaire. This will help me get to know more about you, where you currently are on your fitness journey and what you want to achieve on this program.


Using the information provided in your questionnaire, I design you a personalised training & nutrition plan to achieve your goals.


You will receive your plan the Tuesday of the week after you sign up. Then, you will have 5 days to look over it, get prepared and even get a head start on your plan before you officially begin the following Monday!


You will receive an updated training & nutrition plan every 4 weeks to ensure you never stop making progress!

Your account

You will get access to all of the above and more in your very own account on!

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App's training diary
App's gym workout section


These clients have transformed their bodies on my programs - you can too!

Josh Murray

Josh Murray

This programme has changed my life, it still hasn't settled in that I made so much progress in 8 weeks!
Ryan Donaldson

Ryan Donaldson

Brilliant program and couldn't recommend enough. 10/10!
Riona Kelly

Riona Kelly

My downfall has always been my nutrition and this program has 100% helped me and is so easy to follow!
Niamh Kearney

Niamh Kearney

Jonathan is brilliant at what he does and I didn’t want the 8 Week Challenge to end! I lost over 7kg.